Staff Profile: Habeeb Yusuf

Mr. Habeeb Yusuf


Current roles:
Managing Director of Swift Create Ltd
Computer Science Lecturer at UA92
PhD Student at Brunel University London
Trustee and CTO at IWE Trust


In addition to being the Managing Director of Swift Create Ltd, Habeeb is a Computer Science Lecturer at UA92, part of Lancaster University, and has previous experience of being a Systems Developer at the University of Bolton. He is also studying towards a PhD in the field of Computer Science, specifically exploring the use of artificial intelligence to improve psychological natural responses for candidates in higher education assessment processes.

Furthermore, he is an experienced and successful educator with vast knowledge of pedagogical methodology, and has a deep understanding of post-compulsory British education systems. He is also a Trustee and CTO of a multi-million pound UK registered educational charity, IWE Trust.

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