Automation & Virtualisation

Microsoft Power Platform Consulting

Automate business workflows and manual processes with Apps built on Microsoft Power Platform, using Robotic Process Automation.

Save time for your staff and make processes automated and efficient, reduce loss of data and speed up the processing time by digitising your organisational tasks.

If your organisation has a Microsoft 365 licence, you could be using Microsoft Power Platform, with SharePoint and OneDrive to automate most of your business processes, such as:

  • Submission and processing of any forms by employees and customers
  • Approvals by Line Managers and Management
  • Auto-creating documents (e.g. Docx, PDF etc) from data submitted in forms
  • Automatic email notification to be sent when something changes
  • Auto-population of Excel spreadsheets
  • Automatic social media postings and replies
  • Auto-creation of certificates
  • And the list goes on, and on!

The possibilities are endless, as you can automate every aspect of your business! Embrace technology and start using Robotic Process Automation today.

Our process

In the first instance, our automation and virtualisation team will analyse your organisation and identify your current processes to provide consultancy on which processes can be streamlined, digitised and then automated.

Reporting and Implementation
Based on the findings, a full report will be produced, which will include cost effectivity and a needs analysis – after which you can decide whether to proceed with Swift Create Ltd to implement automation within your organisation.


If you’re interested in our services and would like to discuss your project specifications with our team, you can request a call back for a friendly chat with one of our colleagues: