We operate at two levels in terms of our research services

For researchers and academics

We provide technological support for researchers and academics in a number of areas including: web and system development, digital publishing, research collection (qualitative and quantitative), algorithmic results analysis, networking and more.

We can even provide support in the writing of the technical aspects of a bid application as well as helping researchers identify ways software can realise their research goals and can provide help with software or programming to support your research on a consultancy basis.

For industry and businesses

We provide corporations and businesses with access to technology and IT based academic research teams, for inhouse and external Research and Development projects.

Through the power of research, our team and connections can help solve complex business problems, create new ways of working, provide auditing and reporting, help build your digital strategy, conduct very specific and targeted deep market research, and more.

Our specialist area

We focus on the following research-based specialisms:

  • Automation and virtualisation technology
  • Global digitisation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Pedagogy, education and training
  • Big data, and data integration
  • Process workflows and process architecture
  • Software engineering and computer science
  • Computational mathematics and logic

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